Bonuses! Why I hate sale bonuses offered by the guru’s.


 bonuses offered by the guru'sOi Guru Stop Offering Me Too Many Bonuses To Buy

There I have said it now, I’m sick of the number of bonuses pre-sale and or post sale for buying the latest product, come on so called gurus bring on the abuse.

Let me explain to you readers,  just like me you have started your internet adventure.

You may have signed up to one or ten mailing lists and your fortunate/unfortunate enough to have the gurus mailing you sometimes daily with the latest shiny ball which will make you rich in 24 hours.

shiny objects

As you go through your emails for the day you realise that all the Gooru’s (intentional spelling mistake) are offering you the same product which is gonna solve all your problems.

(Normally a good time to unsubscribe from the repeat offenders)

The only difference being between them is the number of bonuses they are offering for buying from them.
One guru is offering 5 bonus products, another guru 10, one guy is prepared to give you his hard drive if you buy from him………

Stop, stop, stop

My friend when are you gonna get time to go through all the bonuses this person is trying to flog you  as well as the time to learn how to use the original life saving product they convince you to buy in the first place.

If the life changing product is so great why do they feel the need to fill the other 196 hours you have in the week with normally worthless rubbish?

I tell you now, I’m never gonna offer more than one bonus product at a time, I want my subscribers to absorb the information that I send them first before moving onto the next stage of learning.

I have over 10 GB of bonuses on my hard drive, do I have time to go through it, hell no.
Neither do you if your serious about building your business.

It's time to be inspired

Something else that gets up my nose are webinars, there are too many.

I wish i could set aside 2 hours everyday to watch someone tell me how great they are then try and sell me something at the end of the presentation.

Now i know videos can be effective, i use them myself and they have really helped my list to skyrocket but my advice to you is choose very carefully who you give your time to.

If your too busy watching someone else achieve success then when are you gonna start building your own online venture.

If your gonna make a success of your online adventure then you need to be doing more and watching other people less.

Follow Your Dreams

Why am i telling you all this, well i too got caught up in everyone else’s hype and before i knew it i was a couple thousand of dollars down and a year or two had passed.

You can’t get time back so use it wisely.

I finally stumbled across an opportunity that made sense to me and it stopped me wasting money on the guru’s shiny ball products.


You see i am  part of a community, Wealthy Affiliate, if Carlsberg did online communities then it would be the best in the world lol, generally you will get everything you will ever need.

Something you don’t know about online marketing?

Ask the wealthy affiliate community and get and immediate answer. 


Need a clear roadmap to build your online business and get success?

Do the affiliate Bootcamp, learn from the community step by step.


Need 2 free websites with free hosting or how about 50 websites with free hosting as a member?

Join today and get 2 websites free of charge.


Oh i forgot to mention, it is free to join yes there are benefits to being a paid member but you can find that out for yourself by joining for free and taking a look around, make sure you hook up with me.

So before you buy another shiny ball from the guru’s and get offered 30 million bonuses which have been sold as, life saving and  leg quaking, come take a look at your opportunity to start your own online business.

I would love to hear if you guy’s have any “too many guru bonuses” stories for me and my audience feel free to comment below or reach out to me at My Super Profile Link

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