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Why AVG Is Bad For Your Laptop


AVG, anti-virus software they call it


More like anti-laptop working software


Let me explain about two days ago.


AVG mysteriously updated itself on my laptop


I didn’t really mind at first.


Well AVG is one of the best!! So they say, whoever they are


So I let it slide and ran it in the background alongside my malware program.


Everything seemed fine at first


But then over a period of 5 days


I noticed my laptop running slower and slower.


It came to a head when I tried to open a word document.


The document, would not open as the laptop was severely constipated.

So I then spent a day trying to speed my baby up to no avail……


Nothing seemed to work


The last resort was my laptop taking 60 minutes to boot up


So as a last resort I went to task manager which eventually loaded after 3 attempts


and what did I see……….


Three copies of AVG on my laptop, sucking out my memory and resources

So I uninstalled it by the way that took 45 minutes to do to.


My computer was running slower than a tortoise with a backache


If your gonna get AVG then good luck my friend

Now your probably wondering why I’m so down on AVG

Maybe your experience of this software is better than mine and I look forward to your comments below

But consider this

I had disabled AVG in my startup over 8 months ago as my computer was running slower than normal.

So how the heck did it manage to reinstall and start running without my approval

That’s some strange poo.

Secondly, the makers of AVG have spent so long making the interface of AVG look pretty

It has turned into a resource hungry, memory munching beast

Maybe like PacMan………..

Anyway it is gone now but before I go


My laptop was running that slow that I could turn it on go to the shop


Grab some groceries, pop to me mothers then come home


And it still would not have booted up.


I have uninstalled AVG and now my computer is running something like it used to.


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