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When was your liquorice moment?


Opal Fruits Made My Mouth Water And Liqourice Tastes Bad

Remember when you were younger, I mean before senior school younger , you know that timesanta claus when your imagination was still wild and you still
believed in Santa.

Well for me these were golden times, playing on a field with a ball for hours, pretending the wasteland at the back of my mums house was an eerie Martian landscape, making kites out of bin bags and tree branches???? They never worked by the way….



The one moment that always sticks with me is when I used to acquire enough pocket money to get some sweeties or candy as our American cousins call it.
Before I took the walk to the sweetie shop which was 5 minutes away I’d always visualize what I was going to get “Opal fruit” & fruit tellas, pear drops I knew what I wanted….

opal fruits

So I took the walk to the shop all the time knowing what I was gonna buy and what I needed to satisfy my candy desire , but sometimes when I got to the shop my eyes would play tricks on me, what were all these new sweets with brighter coloured wrappers and funny looking characters on the packaging …,.

brightly coloured wrapper
I could see my opal fruits but what was that sweetie next to it.

So sometimes I ended up buying the brightly coloured packaged new sweetie and 9 times out of 10 i would  end up disappointed, more times than not I would end up with liquorice, I hated liquorice and still do but the point I’m trying to make is that my eyes deceived my brain and made me think I was gonna get something better because the packaging looked nicer…


Sometimes internet marketing can be the same, you know you should be focusing on the program that you have invested time and money into but sometimes you come across a fancy sales site or you get an email from a sweet tongued candy seller telling you that his product is better as the packaging is more interesting or rewarding than your current program at hand.

silver tongue

Invariably you end up buying the new candy  and usually your disappointed as not only have you wasted your time but you’ve probably wasted your money as well, you’ve had your liquorice moment.

The morale of this story is quite simple, focus on the websites or communities that you like and feel give you what you need, don’t get caught up in shiny wrapper syndrome and jump from one opportunity to another, if the current opportunity you are doing provides all the answers you need, then what is the point of trying everybody else’s.

shiny objects

Key to all of this I suppose is making sure you find the right candy to begin with.

You could do no worse than take at look at what I’m involved in, they have a community, they generally have answers to all of my questions and best of all i joined for free.

Stop having a liquorice moment and stick with what you know you will like and love.

Please feel free to drop me a comment below or you can always get me at wealthyaffiliate.com
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The vidoe below is for those of you that remember the original opal fruits before they changed the name to the ridiculous star bursts and got rid of the lemon flavour pah !

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4 Reasons To Start Your Online Business Today
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