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Start your online business with a free website


Start Your Online Business With A Free Website 


A lot of you new business owners are put off starting a business online when you first set up your business.

You may have a pre-conceived idea that it will cost you lots of money.

The truth is you can start your online business with a free website, see below for some of the places you can get started today.



Weebly Build A Free Website

This is free website software which allows you to build a website using a drag and drop technique.

Some of the reasons why Weebly is a good place to start your online business with a free website

  • Automatically creates a responsive mobile website, ideal for people viewing your site with a mobile phone or on a tablet.
  • You can redirect your domain name if you have one to your Weebly site or use their subdomain “yourwebsite.weebly.com”
  • Create a blog, add videos, a gallery, e-commerce plus tonnes of other plugins.

If your interested in finding out more information or in joining Weebly then click here



Wix is also free to join and also allows you to create your website using a drag and drop technique.

  • Automatically creates a mobile site, useful for people viewing your site using a phone or a tablet
  • There is an additional cost to connect your own domain to your site
  • Lots of additional plugins, including e-commerce, contact forms and email marketing to name a few
  • Hundreds of customizable website templates
  • You can create your own website from scratch

If your interested in finding out more information or in joining Wix then click here



One of the best platforms around for creating blogs and websites, most of the sites that you see today on the internet will be done in WordPress.

  • Automatically creates a mobile version of your site, ideal for people viewing your site through a mobile or a tablet
  • Easy to set up for blogging only, can be a little more difficult if you are looking to host your website on your own server, although in fairness a lot of the domain providers can do the WordPress set up for you included in your hosting fee.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of plugins, you can change your theme, install an anti-spam plugin, setup and SEO plugin, there seems to be a plugin for every occasion and best of all most of them are free.

Step 1: Start Building Your Free WordPress Website for free at SiteRubix.com
Step 2: Create a Totally Free Account
Step 3: YOU Get Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform


Free Monthly Websites 2.0


What is Free Monthly Websites 2.0

Free monthly websites 2.0 is an opportunity for you to own a brand new content rich website each and every month at no cost whatsoever.

How does Free Monthly Websites 2.0 work

Well Free Monthly Websites 2.0, literally does what it says on the tin, every month you get a content rich, Adsense ready niche ready website for you to upload to your domain and promote the hell out of.
They provide awesome training videos which talk you through the steps of setting up your WordPress site and theme etc but if you are an internet newbie it could be a little overwhelming.
They also offer a free and paid programme you can easily make money with this if you understand internet marketing.

Check out the full review here


Click here if your interested in joining Free Monthly Websites 2.0 








All4webs is another free website provider, they offer a pretty basic template for you to begin with but the paid option is a little better as you get a much larger range of templates.

when you log in you are meet by this interface, which shows you how many pages you have.

To edit a page it is as simple as  clicking edit.

all4webs interface

Editing your website pages is very easy for you using it is as simple as typing into a word processor or using facebook.

all4websedit page

The free version only gives you a limited amount of pages, you also have to put up with banners and adverts on your website in the free version.

When you upgrade you also get the banners and additional adverts removed from your website.

It is another good free website option if you need to keep your website start up costs to a minimum.

If your interested in finding out more about all4webs then click here 


I intend to keeping adding to this page as i think it is pretty important to know where you can get tools to start your online business for the minimum cost

Simply ask!  If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, feel free to join the revolution or you can get in touch with me inside via my profile here.




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