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Multiple email accounts? 7 reasons you should do it


7 reasons why you should have multiple email accounts

7 Reasons why you should have multiple email accounts

Having more than one email address is essential in my opinion.

Especially if you are running a business or working for a company.

It will allow you to manage contacts and save you from the madness of a bursting inbox

I’m interested in marketing and I like shiny new things ?

I often find myself subscribing to offers and various other promotions that I see online.

Creating several email accounts will be a godsend for you.

It will help you to start reducing your inbox overload.

It has helped me to reduce my email response time.

All my important emails are going to a specific place which allows me to access them quickly and easily.

If your email inbox is starting to look uncontrollable then start today and create yourself a couple more email accounts it will help you in the long run.

There are many other reasons though why getting several email accounts could be the answer for you, so let’s take a look below.

professional email address

You want to sound more professional

I once met a client who had the email sueluvsbj@?????.com ?

Can you imagine the responses that she got when she was applying for jobs or had to read that email address out over the phone?

After the laughter stopped, do you think that people would have taken her seriously?

I was only too happy to help her get a new more professional sounding email.

She was happy that she didn’t have to use that embarrassing email address ever again.

If you have an email address that was created in the heat of the moment.

With a name that does not sound like you can be taken seriously.

Then I suggest that you go and get another email created today.

To get you started I have listed some free email providers at the bottom of this article

You want to filter spam

If you are like me, you like shiny new things.

Anything related to internet marketing and an easy life?

Unfortunately what happens when you sign up to most email lists to do with internet marketing, is that you receive an avalanche of emails.

Most of them will be talking about the latest software, product, service that is going to change your world.

So you download the free report then

BOOM!!! ???

Email overload you get sent every offer that is launched from now till the end of time.

Some of the lists I am on will send me up to 3 emails per day, these soon build up to an unmanageable number.

So I use my spam email address and all their promotions go there instead so I can read their offers when I am ready.

It is also a good way to filter out the marketers who are just trying to sell to you rather than educate you.

If you want to take a look at my secret email spam fighting weapon then take a look at my review here Viral Inbox.

It is also a good idea to have an alternative email address for signing into free hotspot Wi-Fi services if you don’t want to give away your personal email.

multiple email account to remain anonymous

You want to be anonymous

If you like to take part in online debates, forums or any other activity which means you leaving an email address,  then getting multiple email accounts may be a good idea.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of angry people in the world today, who don’t take too kindly to different points of view.

Having a separate email address could keep you at least partially anonymous.

Any negative responses to your comments would not impact your personal email address as they would go to your alternative email address.

You want to be able to post publicly

Sueluvsbj@?????com, probably would not look right if it was on an online website as the contact details.

So having a different email address, such as with a company name or your proper name means that if you do have to have your email details displayed online.

It will look more professional and there is more chance of someone actually bothering to send you an email.

email account backup

You want a backup

It is absolutely vital that you have at least one additional email address.

Most email providers will ask for an alternative email address if you get locked out of your account so that they can send you verification details.

Having at least one backup email will means if you are ever unfortunate enough to be locked out of your main email account.

You will be able to regain access to it eventually.

buiness use of multiple email accounts

You run a business

Having multiple email accounts for your business can help you to direct specific queries to the appropriate people within the company

For example, you have an email which is directed to your sales agent

Or which is directed to customer services.

Doing the above is a great way to track your marketing as well if you are running a campaign

You are running a campaign

As I mentioned above, having different email addresses allows you to measure the effectiveness of any marketing that you are undertaking.

Let’s say for example you had an offer online, where in order to get the information that you promise.

The prospect had to send an email to a specific email address in order to receive confirmation of their enquiry.

Alternatively, you may have a specific contact email address on your website which is only on one page.

If you were to receive an email to this specific email.

It indicates that this page is getting some traffic, engagement and conversions.


See below for some popular free email services that you can use today to set up some more email addresses for yourself.


Gmail is the most popular service from Google and it is free to create an email address.

I have done a review on creating folders for your Gmail account to help you bookmark important emails.

Check it out here too much email

Gmail provides plenty of features for its users such as

Storage: You get 15GB of free storage, which you can use across your drive and google photos accounts.

Security: is top notch as you would expect from one of the world’s biggest tech companies

Mobile Apps: You can download the Gmail app to your IOS or Android smartphone.


Outlook formally known as Hotmail has gone through some changes over the years.

They also provide some great feature for users

Storage: You get 15GB of free storage, you can upgrade to 50Gb with an office 365 subscription.

Security: Spam filtering and virus scanning

Mobile Apps: You can download the outlook mobile app to your ios or android smartphone


Yahoo is another popular free email service and has been around for years.

They are considered trustworthy and established.

Storage: An unbelievable 1TB of free storage:-)

Security: A whole section of their website is geared towards educating users on using their emails safely.

Mobile Apps: You can download the yahoo mail app to your IOS or Android smartphone

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