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How To Do List Building 10 Top Tips


10 Top Tips For Building A List

10 tips for list building

How to do list building, how do i get subscribers, which auto responder shall i use, do i add tags or visual automation.

There are so many things to consider when you are about to start list building.

But building a list does not have to be difficult if you follow some of the top tips below.


1. You need a strategy.
Ask yourself why are you building a list?
what market or niche are you trying to target?
Where are your customers likely to be looking for your type of service?

2.Source Traffic For Your Site
How are you going to get traffic to your website/blog or subscription form?

What traffic sources will you use?
Will you use free or paid traffic to get it?

3. Freebies are Great
Offer a free ebooks or email course to attract new subscribers.
Lots of people are keen to increase their knowledge and more people than ever before are reading ebooks.

4. You Need An Autoresponder
You need a good Autoresponder, there are so many to choose from, some free some paid.
Some of the your options are Get Response, Aweber and Mail Chimp but there are lots of others. 


5. Test & Refine
Track your stats, test and refine anything that comes up short drop like a hot rock
I use ClickMagick for all my tracking in my opinion the best on the market

6. Video's, Podcasts, Powerpoint presentations 
Utilise other media to grow your list, video's podcast, infographics these can all play a huge role in driving visitors to your list

7. Don't Forget Smartphones
Make sure your site is mobile friendly,  almost 60%of search traffic is coming from people with smartphones, so if your site is not mobile friendly, you are potentially missing out on subscribers

8. Constant Contact
Once you have some subscribers on your mailing list make sure that you are mailing as often as you can.  Some guru's send me an email everyday, some twice a week, decide what your comfortable with and stick with it.

9. Grab Your Visitors Attention
Pop up's are still a powerful way to get your potential prospects attention, if you can utilise them in your post or on your site then it normally makes a difference.

10. Do it, don't procrastinate, just get on with it.

If you need any further help building your list, you wouldn't be going to far wrong if you signed up to my newsletter,  as a bonus i have a couple of free gifts for you which will really give you a headstart if your thinking of or just starting to build your list.

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