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Is keyword research dead


Keyword research is dead
Is keyword research dead?

Not if you know about The Power of Jaaxy

The king is dead long live the king is a phrase that springs to mind when people ask me if keyword research is dead, kicked the bucket or croaked it

To be fair keyword research is just as relevant today as it has always been and there are many keyword research tools that you can choose from some free most paid.

With the advent of social media and you twitters and you facebookers
it may seem that keyword research has been lost to many as a long forgotten fad and mythical skill, but there is still good reason to make sure that the website that you create has powerful keywords so that you gain good rankings for your pages and website.

When was the last time you did a search for anything that you wanted to buy now on facebook or twitter?

I have a love hate relationship with keyword tools as i have always found them quite clunky but luckily as part of my fabulous membership of a site whose name shall not be mentioned i came across an amazing keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

Keyword Research Is Not Dead

Well, i say keyword research, Jaaxy can also tell you if the domain name of the keyword you have chosen is available to buy.

Absolutely revolutionary if you ask me, no longer do you have to go searching for a niche then try and match up an appropiate domain name.

This is not as relevant as it used to be in the olden days, but it is still good if you can get a keyword rich domain name.

But Jaaxy does a lot more than just that.

Here are some of the powerful things that Jaaxy can do for you and your keyword research

Jaaxy options

Keyword search tab

with the keyword search, you type in a word and jaaxy searches through all of the search engines and then will display to you a wide range of keywords that are related to your search, it gives you hundreds of combinations for you to work with and investigate

Jaaxy literally pulls from 100’s of millions of keyword searches across the main search engines

After the search, you are presented with information which is relevant to your

Jaaxy keyword search

Traffic – tells you the average amount of traffic that particular search term gets

QSR – is the number of pages/websites you are competing with on google

KQI – this article colour system, green yellow or red based on whether a article with that keyword  will be good enough to get the page ranked

Domains –  tells you what domain name is available for the exact search term results that are pulled back

Related – highlights relevant keywords related to your original search terms these additional  terms will give you a lot of different ideas.


Jaaxy is so simple to use just start with a broad search term,  click on keyword and search and let it do the rest


Alphabet soup system
very similar to the Google system this allows you to type in any search term you like and give you words before and after the keyword for example:
Make money with
make money with alpha
make money with butter
make money with coconuts

and on and on and on, this time saver alone will save you 30 minutes searching
for terms inside google, this is a Game changer and time saver

Saved Lists
you can save all you lists inside of Jaaxy to help you organise your campaigns, so if you run multiple marketing campaigns using different methods of advertising you can save all your searched and used keywords in one place.
No more saving your keyword lists to different excel workbooks

Is keyword research dead

Saved Search History

with Jaaxy it is easy to see what searches you did in the past so you never lose track of those creative moments that you may have had and lost in the blink of an eye.

I mean we all know what it’s like when the creative juices are flowing sometimes the ideas are coming at you so thick and fast it is hard to keep track of them.


Jaaxy saved search

insert a keyword into brainstorm and it takes the most popular related items from platforms from across the internet for example

  • social media like facebook
  • google trends,
  • yahoo buzz,
  • alexa,
  • amazon bestsellers
  • twitter trends 

and a whole load more. It then pulls back related keywords that you have entered in brainstorm.

This valuable information will allow you to multi task with different systems and see what keywords and phrases are most popular across different platform and marketplaces.

Site Rank 

This powerful tool inside Jaaxy allows you to insert any keyword or url it then goes off and does an anonymous search in google and it will show you where your keyword, url,  site and or page ranks on the google search engine

Search Analysis

This is the granddaddy of tools available on Jaaxy.

You can actually see what your competition is doing, your also able to analyse your own site and see where it ranks.
The search analysis tool also accurately tells you what websites are ranked, why their ranked where they are and also what they are doing to get ranked.
Jaaxy gives you insights as to why these websites are doing well or not so well, it will show you the title meta tag, the url of the page which is ranking, the kw density, what meta kw’s are being used, how many backlinks, how many word are on the page, whether the site is on adsense and a whole lot more besides.

Listen Jaaxy is without a doubt one of the best keyword research tools on the market, is keyword research dead?

Hell no

And best of all you can try it for free today.


Or if you are ready to try Jaaxy you get 33 searches for free click the link below and start saving yourself time with your keyword research.

Click The Image Below To Try Jaaxy For Free





I would love to hear if you guy’s have any experience of keyword research or any tips that you can give to my audience feel free to comment below or reach out to me at  (My Profile Link)



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