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Start An Online Business In 48 minutes…. Here are 4 pointers for you

Hey, friend, this article explains the 4 things you need to start an online business in the next 48 minutes with little or no investment.

You are on this page because you have realized that the internet is the only place that is going to let you escape the rat race.

The chances are you have been a customer of an internet business yourself in the past.

Maybe you have bought some software or bought a product from Amazon or eBay

The chances are you are a customer of more than one company.

There is even more of a chance that every month, fortnight, week or day these same companies send you an email asking you to become more engaged with them and most likely spend more money.

Well, this is internet marketing at it’s best, you see my friend there are only 4 things that you need to do to start your own online business……

Choose An Interest

Build A Website

Attract Visitors

Earn Revenue

Let’s break these down for you

Choose An Interest

This is probably the hardest one for a lot of people as not everyone has an interest they really care passionately enough about to start an online business around it.
It is actually quite easy to find some ideas that could interest you.

What are your hobbies or interests?

What are you doing right now?

What was your last search on the internet for?

Did you search “make money online?” or maybe “start an online business” to get to this website

Do you like TV?

Do you watch certain niche programs i.e. sci-fi, horror, documentaries, you could start an online business around that.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, what groups are you part of?

What images do you like?

You could start an online business around that.

You see how easy it is to think of ideas for your potential internet business.

Once you have your idea look for affiliate programs that fit your interests and voila you are up and running

some examples below:

Facebook marketing group – Look for info products related to marketing on Facebook, create an audience while building a site at the same time


Twitter – Maybe you like certain celeb’s or sports stars, you could create a website dedicated to that person and you use a follow me a message to direct new follower back to your online business where you could maybe sell memorabilia.


Instagram – Maybe you’re into fast cars or exotic places and have liked/loved numerous images across Instagram, why not create an online business around fast cars or
exotic holiday destinations and the like.

Other ideas:

Carpentry – Woodwork Training or Books

Mechanic – How to Videos on fitting parts small repairs

Lego – How to build super duper Lego structures (Honestly I bet there is a book or product out there which shows you this)


For deeper research you could also look at keywords related to the interest you have chosen obviously you want your business to be profitable but getting lots of traffic does not always give you better returns.

If you focus on a niche then you will more than likely turn a profit at a higher conversion.

Build A Website

Now with the advent of social media, you don’t generally need to have a website but I still believe in them as it is like owning a piece of real estate.

My domain name is mine, my hosting is secure and covered.

If I built my business on Facebook and Facebook decided to close tomorrow or crash then I wouldn’t have a business.

Building your own website isn’t expensive, in fact, most of my first websites were built for free by me.

Now I know I am no graphic designer but my sites have still managed to attract a steady rate of visitors and conversions.

You need to build a website so that the idea that you have thought of can be put online.
Once you have your idea then build your website then you are halfway to achieving your goal.

There are many places you can build a website for free (5 Places That You Can Get A Website For Free)

It is a good idea to test them all out to decide what works best for you.

For myself, it was all about control, so I learned to build my first site in WordPress then I expanded out from there.

Do you know you can build a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less check out this video


I build my own sites at the moment but I know that if I get big, I mean too big to cope with all the work then it will be time to get somebody else to build my sites.

But the fact that I understand the mechanics of everything that goes into building a website means I can’t be conned by some of the unscrupulous web design companies/individuals out there. (10 Things Web Designers Do To Take Your Money)

Attract Visitors

This is where you will need to put in some time and effort, there is no such thing as free website traffic, it will either cost you time or money there is no easy way around it.
There isn’t enough time to list and explain everything you can do to attract visitors to your site but I will put some of the main ones and list some of the other ones it is up to you to decide what will best for you and what works best for your online business but the most important thing is that you track what works.

this is probably the most important one in my mind, a website that has been built with good search engine optimization will generally appear higher up the searches
on the major search engines (What is to SEO and what you need to know)


Social Traffic
If your website venture consists of blogging about a product or service then it is generally considered a good idea to promote yourself using social media.
There are probably as many social media platforms as there are internet search providers now, but the main ones are

These are the ones I use although I’ll be honest the results vary between them so I suggest that you test different methods before fully throwing cash that you can’t afford to lose into it.


PPC – Pay Per Click
This is where you bid on a keyword in the hope that someone clicks on your ad and goes to your web page and hopefully spends some money.
If done correctly PPC can generate fortunes but if you are inexperienced you could lose more than just your profit

Earn Revenue

There are numerous ways for you to earn revenue from your website.
You could join a companies affiliate program  that links with your main interest and sell
their products and receive a commission for every item you sell.
You could create your own product, and use JV partners to sell it to their audience.
The list is endless and probably deserves another post, I’ll probably do one in the future
but I guess by now you have the idea.

Some of the links in the page will take you to deeper content relating to the topic, gosh I sound automated.

So there you have it 4 Things You Need To Start Your Online Business In Less Than 48 Minutes

If you are stuck for further ideas on what kind of website you should build or what you should do next.

Then reach out to me at nigel@you-need-a-website.net 

Or Get Me On




Drop me a line, tell me what you’re struggling with, let me help you start your own online business in the next 48 minutes.



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