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If you are like me, you love to read.

I consume books and knowledge like a herd of grazing cows munching on a grass laden field.

Over the years I have spent thousands on books and eBooks and pdf’s, check out my resources page if you don’t believe me.

So I was pretty peeved when I came across a website that lets you have all the books you need for free.

So what is this controversial discovery, that means I’m no longer funding Jeff Bezos retirement fund.

It is owned by Paradise Publishers and it is the gift that keeps on giving in my opinion.

Read on for my review.


What is is a website devoted to providing you with the latest ebooks and audiobooks from new upcoming authors as well as established authors.


Who is for? is for anyone and everyone if you are like me reading a book is a great way to stretch your mind and gain new knowledge.

The choices you have on offer are endless and you can choose from fiction, nonfiction,  Academic eBooks as well as textbooks on business, law,  mathematics and a whole lot more.

Alternatively, for those of you that prefer you can download an audio book from the fiction and non-fiction selection, they even have audiobooks for children excellent for listening on the commute to work.

As well as being able to download ebooks they also run a publishing option, so if you are a budding author you can get your works submitted for free at this time of writing. if you click on create book it takes you to FOBOKO which happens to be another site where you can download free ebooks or start writing a book using the sites wizard

If you click on create book it takes you to FOBOKO which happens to be another site where you can download free ebooks or start writing a book using the sites wizard

How does free-eBooks. Net work?

With you have to create an account, you can sign up by email or with Facebook or Google+. 

As a free member, you get the option every month of downloading up to 5 ebooks or audiobooks or a mixture of both.

The number of free ebooks available to you is vast with an amazing array of titles and authors.

You can choose and preview each book by category

  • Top 10
  • Latest arrivals
  • Latest Audiobooks
  • Featured ebooks


oh and did I mention the career research library


If you take the upgrade option you immediately get VIP treatment, which basically means, unlimited ebooks, different mobile formats and exclusive titles. 

Perfect if you are a speed reader like my girlfriend.

She joined as a free member and upgraded after two weeks, such is her love of reading.

You also have an option where they will send you USB filled to the brim with ebooks


Can you make money with

I truly believe you would be able to make money with Free, well, first of all, it’s free. 

Secondly, how can reading not be beneficial to you if you are looking to make a living from the internet, think of the amount of knowledge you can get for free. 

Thirdly if you’re looking to write content for your website it is good to stretch your vocabulary and imagination by reading somebody else’s take on the world and

Last but not least they run a quite generous affiliate program.


I used to hate writing copy but my has got me reading more and writing more and makes me confident that I’m going in the right direction.
Here are some of the examples of the marketing ebooks available on free

* The lazy man’s way to Google AdSense riches
* Affiliate marketing 101
* The Facebook advertising five-step to get more traffic

That is just a small selection of the online advertising category, what about self-improvement, here are some more examples

* The simpler way to managing money and getting your finances in order without going crazy
* Being positive in a negative world
* 50 Tips on how to give your body an unlimited supply of energy and never feel tired again

Is free ebooks .net worth it.

Well like I said I use it to my advantage and the one thing it has done for me is stretch my creative writing, given me more confidence and helped me with marketing my online business if it wasn’t for my number one recommendation I would never have found it gets a big thumbs up from me,  to join click the image below and get your reading and knowledge fix straight away.



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