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Choosing An Interest For Your Online Business


Choosing An Interest For Your Online Business

This is probably the hardest one for a lot of people as not everyone has an interest they really care passionately enough about to start an online business around it.

It is actually quite easy to find some ideas that could interest you.

What are your hobbies or interests



What are you doing right now?

Is the last search that you did on the internet last night relevant? Could that be an interest?

Did you search “make money online?” or maybe “start an online business” to get to this website and find this post?


Do you like TV?

Which programmes do you enjoy and what genre.

Are you into sci-fi, horror, documentaries or nature?

You could start an online business around that!


Do you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, what groups are you part of?


What images do you like?


You can start an online business around anything that is your day to day interest.



You see how easy it is to think of ideas for your potential internet business.

Once you have your idea look for affiliate programmes that match your interests and voila you are up and running


Some Examples For Choosing Your Interest For Your Online Business


Carpentry – if you have the knowledge you could create a– Woodwork Training Video or eBooks

Laptop repairs–  if you have technical knowledge you could create a book on how to repair laptops  


Knitting – this ancient skill is not being passed down to the younger generation like it was in the old days, maybe you know how to knit and are willing to create a product around teaching others what you know

Lego – How about a video on building  super duper Lego structures (Honestly I bet there is a book or product out there which shows you this)

For some deeper research, I would advise you to evaluate your keywords relating to the interest you have chosen.

By doing some research you will be able to see which keywords are more profitable.

There are lots of amazing tools that you can use to help you do this, probably too much for me to talk about here, but I would recommend that you start with the Google Keyword tool.

Remember getting lots of traffic does not always give you better returns.

But getting lots of targeted traffic will always turn a profit at a higher conversion.



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