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Nigel CampbellMy name is Nigel,

and I’m the founder of you-need-a-website.net.

I built this website as I wanted to help people get a business online, I was also sick of hearing about individuals and businesses being ripped off or conned when they wanted to get a website built for themselves.

I have heard stories where innocent people have been conned into having a website they did not need
to stories of people paying for a website they can’t modify, on top of that some of the astronomical fees
I’ve heard quoted for people looking to have a website built made me decide to take action.

So I want to help as many as you as possible achieve your dream of online success.

It started off as “you need a website” but I have since realized that the internet is fast evolving into a place where that may not actually be true.

You see since I’ve started my online journey, I see people making a good living online purely by using social media or just video marketing.

But in my opinion, a website is still the main foundation of any long-term online business.

The problem with building your business on a Facebook or a YouTube is that if those guys decide to change the rules of the game, then your business could go Kaput.

Having your own website is the best and most secure way for you to build a business that continues to grow

The internet is a place where dreams can be realized, you may want to make more money or you may want to spend more time with your family.

Everyone has a reason for turning to the internet and affiliate marketing to somehow follow that dream of a perfect life.

When I came across my number one opportunity I had some experience with building websites but I had no idea of what approach to take with marketing myself and my business.

Slowly I gained skills which gave me confidence in what I was doing and those skills have helped me to make a difference in my life.

“Let me take a step back” 

So this website is designed for those of you who are unsure as to why you need to be part of the worldwide web, you may be a small business owner or a self-employed contractor or just a plain old Joe looking to make an additional income, whatever your background is, I’m here to help or at least point you in the right direction.

If you want some inspiration I suggest you start here start your online business in 48 minutes or less

If you already have some website ideas then I suggest you try this article start your online business with a free website

Looking for tuition on how to build a WordPress website from scratch, then check out this review of wealthy affiliate, if it is for you, join up
 and come and say hi to me and my hundreds of followers on the platform, they taught me most of what I know regarding building a website.


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Nigel Campbell