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9 facebook marketing tips


9 Facebook Marketing Tips To Grow Your Followers That You Can Do In 15 minutes or Less9 Facebook Tips To Grow Your Followers

Building a business presence on Facebook does not have to be so difficult.

Well i don’t think so.

Why not mix up your Facebook marketing strategy with these 9 Facebook marketing tips that you can use and grow your followers at the same time.

Doing the same thing over and over tends to get you the same result


The next time you decide to market your online business using Facebook why not try one, of these 9 quick Facebook marketing tips to give you the edge and mix up your marketing strategy.

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1. Guest Curate For Other Pages

Curate Your Content

via website: Social Media Examiner

Here you can find 3 hot tips which will help you develop  different approach to your Facebook marketing, guest curating for other pages, promotional swaps
and conducting Q & A sessions, these are all guaranteed to grow your Facebook presence


2.Use Buzzsumo to find popular content ideas

collect popular content

via website: Moz.com

you may be or not be aware that content drives traffic on Facebook. This tip explains how you can use the power of buzz sumo to discover
content that is popular and shareable.

This information is useful as it will help you create your own great content.


3. Integrate your website with facebook

integrate your websitevia website: Sproutsocial

do you know that integrating your website is a great way to grow your followers.

It also helps with traffic to your main website, here at sprout they will tell you about 6 great ways that you can integrate your website with Facebook.



4. Be consistent with your Facebook marketing

consistent marketing


via website: Linked In

a great post from Kevin Claveria explaining why it is important that you are consistent with your marketing full stop.




5. Share your content again and again

share contentvia website bufferapp

your content does not have to be brand new everytime, this post explains

why reposting your older content can help you engage more people



6 . Do a Q & A Session on facebook

Question & Answer Sessionvia website: Contentbistro

a great way to grow your followers is Q & A sessions, this post explains how and why you should consider this as part of your Facebook marketing strategy



7. Post questions

via website dummies.com

another great way to grow your reach and engagement is to ask a question

do you have a question industry related which can resonate with your audience



8 Use emoticons



post with emoticons get 33% more comments, get shared 33\\ more often

and get liked 57% more than posts without emoticons



9 Post on a Thursday and Friday

engagement rates are 18% higher on a Thursday and Friday compared to other days of the week so it makes sense for you to prepare your content throughout the week in readiness to send out on these days.




10. Keep it short and sweet

Short & Sweet


the shorter the post the more it gets shared, remember everyone is strapped for time
so if you can deliver your message quickly, your more likely to get noticed.


I would love to hear if you guy’s have some other Facebook tips I have not covered, feel free to comment below or reach out to me at  (My Profile Link)



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