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Web Designers The Top 6 Things They Don’t Do!


Web Designers I Love Them So!

I have had a long and chequered experience with web designers and web design companies over my long illustrious career.

Most of them nowadays are ok and really do put in the effort to show they care about your business and your expenses.

But I’ve met a few who I wouldn’t throw an oily rag at.

You see when I worked for the large blue chip company,  I used to come across tales of woe from my customers.

Some of these poor guys had been literally stitched up and left with no website, no refund and no faith in the internet because of the experience they had.

A lot of people got burnt in the early days, but like I said nowadays it is better.

Anyway because I had nothing to do today (joke)

I thought would put together some of my top 6 things that a web designer can do to stitch you up

Top 6 Things Web Designers Do To Stitch You Up

1.Purchasing your domain name in their name and not yours – Why is this a problem? 

What happens if you fall out with your web designer and they decide to obliterate your online presence overnight.

2. Setting up hosting using a third party provider but not in your name – What are the consequences? 

See point 1  above – On a positive note, if your web designer handles their own hosting that is a different matter, just make sure you don’t fall out with them 

3. My personal pet hate, charging you for updating your website rather than giving you cms access – Why is this my pet hate?

What about new products you may want to add to your site, what about price increases you may want to amend on individual items, being charged for amendments soon add’s up.

4. Charging you monthly subscription forever – What the f%^&?

Well if you don’t pay your monthly subscription you won’t have a site as they will turn it off.

5. Refusing to give you a copy of your site on a disc – The cherry on top?

See point 1 and 2 but, if it is your website, with your images, then it is your property, so you should have it stored on a disc, or the cloud, or the back of a postage stamp if it will fit.

6. This one grinds my gears, they never ever set the website up with full SEO – Why is that bad?

Well if they can offer SEO services then it is normally an added extra, which means mo money out your pocket and into theirs, that’s assuming they can do it in the first place.


My Web Designer Conclusion

Anyway, that is my Lil post, sorry to be controversial but I have come across so many sorry tales.

 I will give you an example

I had one customer who had a lovely website built by the 17-year-old local computer geek who lived out of his bedroom and only used to appear when the sun was setting, mainly to pick up pizza from the local kebab shop.

Warning sign 1 he lived out of his bedroom and lived on pizza

She already had a website which had been previously built by her printing company, she wasn’t happy with it so decided to give a geek a chance.

So apparently as I was not there, he convinced her that she should have a new site built by him and let him set up a new domain name and hosting for the site.

Warning sign 2. He bought the domain name and the hosting in his name

Unfortunately said geek, decided 18 months later that he wanted to go travelling around Peru with his latest squeeze, guess what happened to my customer’s site……. Ka boosh, gone like the wind.

As you can imagine she was very upset and tried to raise all kinds of kerfuffle, she had no access to her

  • Domain name – as it was in his name
  •  Hosting – The hosting company would not speak to her as it was in his name
  • Her website – She did not have the website on a disc, or filed elsewhere for easy retrieval.

Moral of this story is, don’t let the local geek build your site unless he can satisfy the criteria above and below, make sure they are at least running a company already, not working out of their mom’s walk in wardrobe.

The same goes for using your aunties, brother, sisters, nephew, whose cousins, girlfriend happens to build websites in their spare time.

Luckily for her, I was able to pull a few strings and her website was up and running 3 months later.

If you are interested in building your own website or finding out more about what you need then take a look at my blog post (5 places to get a free website)

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