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Change your life in 2017


Change your online life in 2017, stop waiting for your life to change by itself

Are you looking to join the revolution?

Do you want 2017 to finally be the year where your life actually becomes different then read along.

I really appreciate you being here and I hope I can help you succeed in 2017.

My name is Nigel Campbell and like you, I wanted to change my life and start to shape my future so that it was better for me.

12 months ago I made a promise to myself and here I’m sat a year later and what have I achieved.

Well, last year I was working full time for a large marketing company, you may know the name but that is a story for another day.

Making a decent living, all bills paid, eating out and holidays were regular events rather than rare events

12 months later I have 4 websites and I have left my job.
I have launched an offline business helping young people gain confidence
I’m enjoying every day of my life

How have I achieved all of this you may ask well………… read on below.

Well, the first part of my plan was Gaining Knowledge, I needed to learn how and why I should consider internet marketing as a viable income generator.

So I searched and I read and I wrote and I ate and I slept, badly.

I finally stumbled across a couple of communities.

Both of them were free to join

And best of all they were both free to join.

The first community has been going for over 10  years so they are definitely in it for the long term.

These guys showed me the very basics of why you should be on the internet,

I enrolled in the boot camp and pow, did my brain start to swell by lesson 2 I had my first website built.

The community is bursting with people who want you to succeed (My Mentors), and they have so many answers to so many questions you cannot ever be stuck for anything internet marketing related.

The second community has also been going for a number of years, this place can be a little scary as there is so much information.

Just do what I did and take in a little bit of knowledge every day, rather than trying to cram it all in, in one go.

So I Had My Knowledge And Mentors

It was time for strategy, autoresponders, sales funnels, landing pages, traffic.
I Facebooked, tweeted, got rid of grams in an instant and pinned my washing to the line.

Once I actually pinned my twitter account so hard I had 20 unfollows every day for a week.

Once again I read and I wrote and I slept and I ate…………

Remember when I said I was the guinea pig.

Well the strategy was all around me

Every marketing email that I received was a strategy

The guru’s whose mailing lists I was on were showing me how to do it.

I think they call it reverse engineering, well I reverse engineered the shit out of it.

And now I’m Executing the plan that I have put together from the knowledge I have gained from my own learning, my mentors and the strategy deployed by the gurus.

Anyway enough of my waffle.

Take a look at my review for Community 1, if you decide to join, make sure you contact me so I can get you up to speed quickly.

Community 2, honestly there is no review that I can write that would do it justice.
Instead use this link, my affiliate link and take a look for yourself, like I said it is free to join.





You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by changing your life in 2017

Take that first step now.

Finally, as a great man once said

“The answers are all around you, you just need to know what your looking for”

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