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"Why do I need a website", is a question that comes up all the time when I am out and about speaking to business owners.

So I created this website to help people like you understand why you need a website in your life and also how you can easily get one built for free if you have no cash right now.

you-need-a-website.net is here to help people like you.

In the 21st century if you are already running or thinking of starting a business then having a website is very important.

Don't be the one left behind, because every single day of every single week someone somewhere is searching for your type of business on the world wide web.

There are so many reasons to build a website but the main thing that holds people back is that they think it is going to be expensive.

It does not have to be you just have to know where to look and this is where you-need-a-website.net comes in we will help you, get a website built today if you want it today.


Do You Need A Website?

An absolutely stonking Yes! with a double cherry on top 🍒🍒

This is a question everyone asks themselves at some time in their life.

So many businesses out there right now still do not have a website and they are wondering why they can't grow their revenue.

For indviduals it is even worse, most people I know are feeling fed up with their jobs and thinking that there is more to life than just working for some ungrateful corporate company who might give you a pay rise every 5 years (Sorry I'm ranting🤣)

Well now you have no excuse because this website aims to show you where you can go and get a website for free

I believe that being able to build your own website at little or no cost means there is no excuse, yes even if you have not got a pot to 🍯 in.

No matter who you are, no matter what size your business,  dreams or ideas,  you should have an online presence and get a website.

Yes, you can have a facebook page, or Twitter profile or even LinkedIn, but guess what, you don't own any of those websites and never will.

What happens if any of those guy's above start charging you to post your content, or they decide to levy a fee for the sales and connections you make through their platforms

If you don't have your own online asset, your own website then your business could crash as you don't ultimately have full control.

So get yourself a free website today and go and check out some of the places that I suggest throughout the site.



Free websites

Free websites

Build your own website, read this article and discover how easy it actually is

Website Traffic Generation

Website Traffic Generation

Getting traffic to your site isn’t difficult. Search engines can do a lot of the work for you.

Page Builders

Page Builders

Drag and drop website builders are great, check out some of these options.

Find Products To Sell Online

Find Products To Sell Online

Once you build your website, you will need to find products to sell online

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing page builders help build email subscribers and also make good websites

Online Business Opportunities

Online Business Opportunities

If you are willing to follow simple instructions this could be an opportunity for you